As a long-time resident, local business owner and Veteran; Shykira Smith sees first-hand the disparities throughout House District 63. High taxes, high utilities, rural water issues, spotty internet access; small businesses that have disappeared due to the COVID Pandemic…the list goes on and on.

Shykira’s work ethic is rooted in three distinct values: Accountability, Representation, and Transparency (A.R.T.). 

Accountability: Hold our leaders accountable who have failed us. You can bet Shykira cares about issues that affect constituents in HD63.

Representation: Being on the campaign trail has taught Shykira the importance of surrounding yourself with people of integrity; strong moral values and ethical principles in business, in life & in politics…always, in all ways. This is the representation HD63 deserves.

Vote for Shykira Smith. Allow her to be your voice. Tell her your issues concerning inflation, education, mental health, women’s health, food insecurity and formula shortages.

Transparency: The buck stops with elections and it is time for change. We must vote out the leaders who are not truth tellers; whose names are quietly mentioned in conversations of corruption and scandal. Our leaders have forgotten the oath they took and the promises they made to us during the last election. They have no receipts to justify their failure. Where’s the transparency? Vote them out!

  • Allow citizens to participate in the political process. 
    • Help boost voter turnout.
    • Help electoral participation & competition.
    • Ensure that elected officials stay accountable & transparent with their constituents.


  • Ensure that citizens who wish to run for the first time & are new to the campaign process; are thoroughly supported in their efforts to do so.
    • Create a more structured, organized system at party headquarters to assist them throughout their campaign.
    • Help with the various aspects (i.e., Social Media, GOTV, Phone Banking, Texting, Door Knocking etc.) so that they are not alone in the political process.
    • Ensure that they are supported & protected from predatory businesses & unethical individuals looking to take advantage of first-time candidates.
  • Boost the health outcomes for all Oklahomans. 
    • Increase access to affordable, quality health care. 
    • Reduce the number of uninsured. 
    • Provide health coverage for Oklahomans who need it
    • Expand resources providing adequate women’s health care.
    • Expand rural health care options.
  • Remove the stigma preventing people from seeking care.
    • Improve mental illness and addiction treatment.
    • Include resources for our LGBTQ2IA+ community.
    • Improve and expand healthcare by investing in the health and wellness of our own communities.
  • Make education, learning and development for all Oklahoma children a priority.
    • Fix the teacher shortage.
    • Support the Mental Health and Wellness of all students.
    • Make major investments in quality, affordable child-care.
    • Get much-needed remote learning technology to low-income & rural students.
    • Ensure our schools are funded & our children and educators have the resources they need (i.e., Resources concerning teacher salaries, administrative responsibilities, budgeting and planning for school supplies & materials etc).
  • Financial security and economic opportunity should be within reach for all Oklahomans. 
    • Provide adequate levels of fiscally responsible funding for core public services.
    • Reduce poverty and increase opportunities for individuals and families to succeed. 
    • Invest in entrepreneurs from diverse communities in HD63 & Oklahoma.
    • Promote policies to expand ownership of assets, such as: Homes, businesses, savings, investments, education, good jobs, and good credit scores.
  • The repair, modernization & expansion of our roads, highways, bridges & various physical infrastructure is of great importance.
    • Work to ensure that critical infrastructure needs of HD63 & Oklahoma are met.
  • All Oklahomans deserve the freedom to access high-speed internet.
  • Work with companies that provide real solutions for closing the digital gap between urban and rural Oklahoma.
  • Partner with Oklahoma farmers & ranchers to protect family farms and promote food security.
    • Empower small and mid-size family farms.
    • Support training and resources for farmers
    • Improve workers safety at facilities
    • Expand rural health care options.
  • The aim is to keep communities safe while protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.
    • Background checks on gun sales, 
    • Raise the age to purchase a gun to 21; and 
    • A three-day waiting period between buying a gun and taking it home.
  • Respect, cooperate with & work alongside tribal governments.
    • Support the sovereignty of tribal nations in Oklahoma
    • Meet with tribal leaders and schools to discuss the needs of Native youth